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Chicken, Bacon and Baby Bella Pasty


    Enjoy the rich flavors of bacon and nutty baby bella mushrooms and chicken. To add to the flavor, use boneless chicken thighs for the chicken instead of chicken breast or tenderloins.

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    Chicken, Bacon and Baby Bella Pasties

    Course: Dinner, Lunch, Main Course
    Cuisine: British
    Keyword: bacon, Chicken, cremini, mushrooms, pasties
    Servings: 4 pasties


    • 4 sl Bacon lardons
    • 1/2 tbsp Canola oil
    • 4 oz Scallions - sliced
    • 8 oz Chicken breast, skinless and boneless
    • 8 oz Cremini mushrooms or baby bella
    • 1 tbsp Dijon mustard
    • 1 tbsp Mayonnaise
    • Shortcrust pastry - see recipe on site
    • 1 ea Egg - large


    • Begin with making 1 recipe for Food Processor Short Crust Pastry, https://tasteofcotswolddowns.com/recipe/food-processor-short-crust-pastry/
    • Cut the bacon into lardons and fry until crisp in a little oil. Finely slice the scallions, including the green portion and dice the chicken. Wipe clean and slice the cremini mushrooms.
    • Stir the sliced scallions into the bacon, reduce the heat and cook gently for 2-3 minutes until sooftened. Increase the heat slightly and add the chicken, tossing around until evenly colored. Stir in the mushrooms and toss until they darken and appear sauteed. Cool to hand warm
    • On a floured surface, roll out the shortcrust pastry and cut circles 6 inches in diameter and about 1/8 inch thick, using a plate as a guide. The recipe for shortcrust pastry should yield 4-5 circles this size.
    • Mix the mustard with the mayonnaise and add to the filling mixture. Mix well, then spoon the filling on to half of each pastry circle, leaving a 1 inch border. Brush the pastry edges with water, then quickly fold the flap pastry over the mixture to create the semi circle pasty shape. Press round the edge to seal. Lightly moisten the pastry edge with water then, crimp working from one end, quickly and neatly turn up the edge in small tucks that will give you that ridged pasty finish. Tuck in the ends to seal so no filling leaks..
    • Preheat the oven to 400ºF.
    • Brush the pasties with a little beaten egg and cut a couple of small vents in the top of the pasty to allow steam to escape. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes until golden.
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